Evolution Theatre Company’s ‘Deathtrap’ Keeps You Guessing

By Kim Kerr-Dearsley


Fans of murder-mysteries – and great professional theatre – are in for a treat thanks to Gisborne’s very own Evolution Theatre Company.

Starting July 26th and running through to August 10thIra Levin’s Broadway smash, Deathtrap, will have you glued to your seat as you’re immersed in a dastardly plot by a failing playwright to resurrect his career. Still stinging after his most recent Broadway show bombed, a depressed Sidney (the writer in question) hatches a dastardly plan to ‘steal’ a script sent to him by a former student. Recognizing the new script’s huge potential, Sidney decides to invite the young writer to his home… and murdering him, putting his own name on the script.

It’s a rollercoaster ride of a show, covering everything from murder to deceit, amazing plot reversals, and startling turns of events, all meshed together into a thrilling puzzle that keeps you guessing – and entertained – right up to its climax.

Tickets for what promises to be a memorable production of this Tony Award winning thriller are available online or at the Evolution Theatre Company box office for $34 (adults), $29 (seniors), or $24 (kids 17 and under).


That’s Not All, Folks…


The folks at Evolution Theatre Company have also announced details of future Gisborne shows.

Next up is The Pohutukawa Tree. Written by Bruce Mason and directed by Evolution’s Managing Artistic Director, Dinna Myers, this famous New Zealand drama tells the story of the last remaining Māori family on their iwi's lands after their iwi had been displaced. Determined to stay in her ancestral home, the family matriarch, Aroha Mataira, teaches her two children, Johnny and Queenie, how to deal with the two cultures.

Along the way, she helps them through their struggles with love and growing up, all the while trying to keep intact her own spiritual and cultural identity. The Pohutukawa Tree will be performed from November 1st– 16th, 2019.

Other upcoming events, shows, and things to do at Evolution Theatre include:

  • 48-Hour Play Festival, a fun theatrical event featuring nine teams and numerous memorable performances (August 16th – 18th)
  • New York Nights, a cabaret-style concert performed by local artists and featuring music from popular Disney movies (premiers August 23​)
  • The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, directed by Dinna Myers (March 6 - 21, 2020)

To learn more about Deathtrap and the other great events being hosted by Evolution Theatre Company – including ticket information and season subscriptions – visit their website at www.evolutiontheatre.org.nz.

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Kim Kerr-Dearsley is a Contributor with LuxuryGisborne.